14 songs of Thai popmusic alias Thai music scene

Once a person begins to spend some time in Thailand, inevitably he must get Thai songs under the skin – sooner or later. Thai population doesn’t realy fancy English or American pop music and it could be said, that it is rather marginal matter in Thailand. Literacy of average Thai  is virtually zero, with regard to western music scene. Most people here does not even know such legends as the Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley etc. But the Thai music industry is huge and the Thais love their own contemporary music scene and are realy proud of it. It is true, that  you will find many great musicians, singers,  and bands of various types and styles in Thailand. However, the most popular is, probably like everywhere else in the world, pop music – Thai pop music. Thais love music and singing. The most popular mass entertainment here is Karaoke and absolutely everyone is singing once there is occasion. As far as singing is involved, Thais don’t feel ashamed, and even the worst singer has no problem to grap a microphone and start to sing his favorite song front of many people. They absolutely do not mind, that it is not listenable, and that it sounds like someone pulls a cat’s tail. They sing with love, from the heart and for fun, and this is valid for the  entire Thai nation. In every town or village, there are karaoke bars. Karaoke buses drives accross the country. Karaoke is an integral part of  every wedding or funeral. Karaoke and singing can be virtually found everywhere in Thailand. There are many different singing competition shows in TV, and not just the well-known type multinational formats like Thailand has talent, X-Factor or Superstar, but these are mainly competitions of domestic production.  Thai people love to sing and compete, especially when they can show off in public or on television and gain as many important “face” as possible.

I have to say, that even I started to like the Thai music scene and I’m almost sure, that it is the same case for everybody who lives in Thailand or stay here on long term. I can say, that 50% of music I listen to reguraly today, is Thai music. In addition, by the way, Thai songs are another excellent method how to learn & train Thai. For most video clips on TV or on the internet is very common, that they have lyric subtitles, and sometimes they even show the English spelling, so you too can sing Thai songs.

Thai music scene is dominated by names such as Palmy, Loso, Bird, Singto, Vespa, Knom Jean, Endorphin, 3.2.1 Kamikaze, Clash, Flame, Jeasmine, K-Otic, Labanoon, Potato, Tha, Bodyslam and many others. And they are real respected Superstars in Thailand. But anyway, enough of words. Let’s have a look to some of the popular Thai hits, which I like and which I would like to share today. First name is always name of the interpreter and second is name of the song. I recommend to listen to all of them. I hope that you will like my choice and I will be happy if you will leave a comment if you liked it or not and what is your opinion about Thai modern music.

Kamikaze (3.2.1) | My Boo

Palmy feat. Paradox | Cry Cry Cry

Lula | Mea Mai Kao Jai

Paradox | Plaj Saj Rung

Vespa | Faen Khrai Tho Ma

Blue Berry | Chimi

Prick Thai | Tirak

Palmy | Kit Mak

Aj Nahm | Khon Rak

Sek Loso | Sud Jai

Palmy | Na Li Ka Rean Gao

Labanoon | Padi Thin

Sek Loso | Som Sahn

Labanoon | Saj Nahm


Notice: This song selection is not list of actual top hits in Thailand. These songs here are those which are already there for some time and which are still popular and people still like them.

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