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Flyboard came to Thailand

Flyboard Thailand

Did you ever hear about Flyboard? Well, maybe you walked along the beach somewhere and saw something which looks like from movie Iron Man. In fact it is a new water toy for those who want a bit of adrenalin in their blood – FLYBOARD. And believe it or not Flyboard came also to Thailand now. So if you are …

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Viral FB Formula – get free leads on Facebook

Viral FB Formula

Viral FB Formula took off like a rocket since it was released. This training system made by Kevin Sousa reveals how to get a free Leads from Facebook, which I personaly consider as very powerful tool for an online marketer. If I could show you the way how to get free leads from Facebook on daily basis for your business, how much money would you pay me for such …

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Perfect woman – Thai dating sites

Thai Girl

What a perfect life it would be for a man without a perfect woman? I think most of us man are dreaming about perfect, beautiful, understanding, gracious, lovely and caring wife, right? And especialy in these days in the western countries,  one of the most appealing wishes of us – man, is to find wife which will be not full …

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How to get Thai driving licence

Thai driving licence

If you want to live in Thailand on longterm and you will be driving car or motorbike, then I strongly recommend to get a Thai driving licence. If you will be driving with your foreign driving licence and you will get stopped by police, then what will happen next will depends on each and every policeman. Some policeman will look at it …

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