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What a perfect life it would be for a man without a perfect woman? I think most of us man are dreaming about perfect, beautiful, understanding, gracious, lovely and caring wife, right? And especialy in these days in the western countries,  one of the most appealing wishes of us – man, is to find wife which will be not full of emancipation BS. Do not get me wrong. I have great respect for women and I adore them. Women has got lot of abilities which men do not have and many of them are more universal then many man. However in respect of partnership or family model, I must admit I am old fashioned and I like traditions in this respect. These traditional family models has been perfectly checked hundreds and even thousands of years and I do not realy see the major reason why to change it. I think that power of nature, or if you want a God, made man and woman to fit perfectly together and gave each of them exact neccesary body equipment, mind, hormons, way of thinking, instincts etc. to play their roles in the partnership and family. And it was working more or less well over the years. I like the old model where man is provider for the family and woman is taking care of the family including man. Nowadays I do not have too much understanding for the modern family models, where a man is working hard untill late hours, bringing the money and security and then he must cook, help to clean the house, take care for children, while his wife is doing her carrier. Even this opinion might sound annoying for many of women, I have this opinion and I stand behind it. The modern women´s emancipation is rather new in the humans history and so far it has caused a lot of damages on the society. I do not want to go into a much details here in this article, but just look at the current divorce ratio in the western countries. It is already exceeding 50% of divorce rate in most of the European countries. And it is deffinitely not good for anybody and especialy not for children.

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If we will look at the Asian style and partnership model between man and woman in Asia, we will find out that what was working 100 years ago in Europe is still well working in Asia. And it is common for all Asian countries, no matter if its Thailand, China, Japan or Korea. I have moved to Thailand and I am happily living here for couple of years now. Beside of many other reasons I had for moving here, I have to say that one of the big reasons was women. Thai women are raised and grown in such enviroment, where women highly respect men as providers for the family and are taking care of them and the family. Thai daughter is taught to have great respect and care for her father and for her future husband. And this fact makes the man´s life a big difference in Thailand, then in Europe. When I came first to Thailand and experienced respect and care of Thai girls and women, I was honestly shocked and amazed. If I would have to compare it with west, then I can only say its a bit similar to the releationship of the mother and her son. Most of the western men are surely enjoying care and attention of their mothers. But believe it or not, the similar thing is working here in Thailand between wife and her husband. And Thai women are probably one of the best wifes from all Asia.

Thai Girls

On top of that Thai women are generaly beautiful and very attractive for westerners. They are more feminine then europeans or americans and has got often slim and small figures. Majority of Thai women has got a very good and soft skin and long silky hair and they take care of them with high attention. Thai women always look after their look and they are making good efforts to be beautiful for their husbands. And they are happy to please the man and make him happy. Happy man means happy family in Thailand and therefore it also means happy women on the end.

If you had no success in finding woman of your dreams in your own country yet, or if you are divorced and tired of emancipation in the west, then you should deffinitely consider Thailand and try to look at your chances here. And I can tell you that chances are big. Also because the female population is higher about 1 milion then male population and there is not enough man for all Thai women in Thai society 🙂 So why not to give it a try, right?! I can tell you there are thousands and thousands of succesful stories about western husbands and Thai wifes. And truth is that many Thai women are interested to western man and many of them would be even ready to move out of Thailand to live with you in your country. If Thai woman will truly love you, then she will be happy with you anywhere in the world. This is valid fact.

Thai Bar Girls

If you would be interested in Thai wife, then do not go to choose one in Thai bars. Thai bar girl´s scene is not the best place to find your love of your dreams. Believe me. I can guarantee this for 1 milion %. You should rather look at different fields of profesion and find a good Thai girl or woman. You would not be interested in prostitutes in your country so do not do this in Thailand, there is no reason for it and Thailand is not different in this respect. Unfortunately many man don´t get this and then they end up in complete disaster. You want to avoid this at every effort.

But there is one of very good ways how to meet your Thai love and find your future wife and it is Thai online dating sites. There are few of them as for example Thai Love Links or Thai Friendly, which you can check out. But according to my opinion the best Thai dating site is Thai Love Lines. It has got the biggest number of Thai female members all over the country, it has got very friendly and easy to use interface and many of the great tools for interactions with Thai women. Also the search tool is one of the best of all dating sites. Its free to join as well. As everywhere in this world also on the dating sites are few scamers presented which are trying to get only money out of the men, however absolute majority are genuine and good women looking for true love and good husband with only best intentions. Thai Love Lines is also the one with lowest percentage of reported cases of scams. So I think you should give it a try and join Thai Love Lines man! 🙂 You can join here. Or if you want to try also the others then you can click the each banner here which will bring you to the correct page.

I wish you all the best in finding your new Thai Love!!!


  1. How much trouble is it to join?

    • It is very easy. You just need to fill your first name, email address as your user name and your desired password on the first sign up page and your free membership account will be created immediately. On second page you need to fill some basic informations about you like your country, your age etc. And thats it your account will be completed and the girls will be able to find your profile. You can use many of the features for free.

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