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Make money with translating Thai to English – หารายได้พิเศษ

If you are looking for some extra income, then I have good tip for you today. Do you know that people, especialy students (but not only), are getting extra job by doing translating jobs online? And you can get this job too. There are many companies in the USA and other English speaking countries, who need translators to translate easy documents online from Thai to English. These documents are for example emails, website articles, movies subtitles etc.

One of the company who have many customers looking for translators is Real Translator Jobs. Because their customers have big demand on translating jobs, they are seeking translators from Thailand to satisfy their demand. There are much more translation tasks than translators to complete them. And this situation is great opportunity for anybody from Thailand who can speak also English and start doing these translations and make extra money.

You don’t even need to speak perfect English. Basic knowledge of English language is fine.

Two of my Thai friends, who are students of one university in Bangkok, are doing this for 1 year now and they are making between 150 and 250 USD (4,500 – 7,500 THB) per day. To make this money, they must do about 3 to 4 translations which normaly take about 3 to 4 hours. And that is absolutely great amount of money, which also you can make in your free time.

Such opportunity is only possible because of the internet and our parents could only dream about it. Because of today’s internet age we are living in, you can make extra money from home online. This type of job is deffinitely great for young people in Thailand, but not limited to young students only. Anybody who have basic knowledge of English and access to the internet can do it.

If you are interested to do this job, just follow three easy steps and you are in:

1. Sign up at Real Translator Jobs
2. Check the translation jobs available and complete those you are interested in
3. Get paid every month by PayPal or to your bank account

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