Slip N Fly Party

Slip N Fly Party – new water party on Koh Phangan island

Today I have the tip for adrenalin lovers, how to enjoy a bit of adrenalin in your vains in Thailand. That tip is water party attraction called “Slip N Fly Party” on Koh Phangan island. So what is actualy Slip N Fly? The owners are saying about their park, that it is the new exclusive and extreme day party with the biggest and the craziest slide in the Southeast Asia, with mixture of the adventures, games and artists placed in the nature of the beautiful tropical island Koh Phangan.

But instead of words, it might be better to watch the following selfexplaining videos:

Slip N Fly Park was opened on 25th of November 2014 and its main attraction are two big jump slides, which ends in the foil water pool. In the same pool ends also manger of the foil toboggan, on which you can slide with the special foam mattress.  Part of the site is also locker room, food court, changing rooms, entertainment – games. The pool is split into two parts – Deep pool for slide and Splash pool.

The park is opened from 10:00 a.m. untill 8:00 p.m. and the next parties Slip N Fly will be held on the following dates:


Mon 8.12.14 | Sat 13.12.14 | Tue 23.12.14 | Thu 25.12.14 | Mon 29.12.14 | Wed 31.12.14


Fri 2.1.15 | Sun 4.1.15 | Tue 6.1.15 | Thu 8.1.15 | Sat 10.1.15 | Mon 12.1.15 | Wed 14.1.15 | Mon 26.1.15


Sun 1.2.15 | Tue 3.2.15 | Thu 5.2.15 | Fri 13.2.15 | Tue 24.2.15


Tue 3.3.15 | Thu 5.3.15 | Sat 7.3.15 | Wed 11.3.15 | Thu 24.3.15


Wed 1.4.15 | Fri 3.4.15 | Sun 5.4.15 | Sat 11.4.15 | Fri 24.4.15

Updated calendar of Slip N Fly parties you can find on the website of Slip N Fly here. The ticket for Slip N Fly party starts at 750 THB / person and the best is to buy the tickets in advance on the website of Slip N Fly here. Slip N Fly is also on Facebook here.

So Let’s Slip N Fly Paaaartyyyyyy!!!!!! 🙂

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