Pavel Bergman

About me

Thanks for visiting Perfect Life blog. I hope that you will find all the information, articles and videos here as useful and enjoyable for you. My name is Pavel Bergman and I live since 2011 permanently in Thailand. I am originaly from Czech Republic and I am able to enjoy the great lifestyle in Thailand because of internet and generating my income online. This gave me a total freedom and I can finaly do whatever I want, where I want and when I want.

First I started blogging about Thailand only in my own language, for audience  in Czech Republic and Slovakia, because there was very little information available about real life in Thailand. But over the time I started to enjoy writing, interacting with my readers and creating the content which can help other people. And that is why I have created Perfect Life, which is dedicated to lifestyle and all the good and beatiful things of  life. Human life is too short to waste it and I am convinced that I have many informations which can help other people to improve their lifes. My intention and wish is that everybody who will come to Perfect Life page, will get something valuable out of it and I hope that most of the people will enjoy it.

Currently I live in Chanthaburi, city of gems and durian, in Chanthaburi province, approx. 250 km from Bangkok.

Since English is not my native language, I would like to appologise in advance for any misspelling or any other mistakes I might do. I am doing my best to avoid them.

If you have any questions or comments, don´t hesitate to contact me through the contact form below or make a comment, I will be happy to see the feedback from everybody.

Enjoy the reading.