Life in Thailand

How to get Thai driving licence

Thai driving licence

If you want to live in Thailand on longterm and you will be driving car or motorbike, then I strongly recommend to get a Thai driving licence. If you will be driving with your foreign driving licence and you will get stopped by police, then what will happen next will depends on each and every policeman. Some policeman will look at it …

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Thai Ads

Thai life insurance ad

Today I would like to share Thai TV and cinema ads. I bet that no eye will remain dry! Ad for Pantene   Ad for life insurance   Ad for cosmetics supporting hair growth   Ad for whitening creme Ad for Krungsri Bank   Ad for CP food   Safe Energy   Ad for shoes   Mix of ads

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9 mistakes of newcomers to Thailand

Foreigner and Thai

Anyone who chose to live in Thailand, including me, made many mistakes in their new Thai life. Some of them cost money, others pride. But I must also say that, I’m happy for my mistakes, as it helped me to learn faster and faster to penetrate into the local way of life, which is in many ways very different from …

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Paramotor video Koh Pangan

Today I want to share Thai video production of my good friend Brano alias 2ge. You will see Koh Pangan island in this video from bird perspective, and as such only few visitors would see this beautiful island from the sky.  

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