Video: Kingdom Of Thailand

kingdom of thailand

Kingdom Of Thailand – land, which will change your life and split it in two periods –  “before Thailand” and “after Thailand”. Country, which is heavily addictive  and the only effective cure of this addiction is overdosing of Thailand. Land full of contrasts, beautiful nature, great food, smiling people and relaxed lifestyle. Split your life in two periods too …. …

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Slip N Fly Party – new water party on Koh Phangan island

Slip N Fly Party

Today I have the tip for adrenalin lovers, how to enjoy a bit of adrenalin in your vains in Thailand. That tip is water party attraction called “Slip N Fly Party” on Koh Phangan island. So what is actualy Slip N Fly? The owners are saying about their park, that it is the new exclusive and extreme day party with …

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Flyboard came to Thailand

Flyboard Thailand

Did you ever hear about Flyboard? Well, maybe you walked along the beach somewhere and saw something which looks like from movie Iron Man. In fact it is a new water toy for those who want a bit of adrenalin in their blood – FLYBOARD. And believe it or not Flyboard came also to Thailand now. So if you are …

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Thai Ads

Thai life insurance ad

Today I would like to share Thai TV and cinema ads. I bet that no eye will remain dry! Ad for Pantene   Ad for life insurance   Ad for cosmetics supporting hair growth   Ad for whitening creme Ad for Krungsri Bank   Ad for CP food   Safe Energy   Ad for shoes   Mix of ads

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14 songs of Thai popmusic alias Thai music scene

Once a person begins to spend some time in Thailand, inevitably he must get Thai songs under the skin – sooner or later. Thai population doesn’t realy fancy English or American pop music and it could be said, that it is rather marginal matter in Thailand. Literacy of average Thai  is virtually zero, with regard to western music scene. Most …

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Paramotor video Koh Pangan

Today I want to share Thai video production of my good friend Brano alias 2ge. You will see Koh Pangan island in this video from bird perspective, and as such only few visitors would see this beautiful island from the sky.  

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